Vivid Ultimate C1

Title: 210x55, Shaft Eyelet: No Bushing - 90 Deg Rotation, Body Eyelet: Standard, R25, C30, X2, 4 Tokens
    Meeting the heavy demands of the best gravity fed racers out on course, Vivid Ultimate is unmatched in performance and fine-tunability with the external independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustments.
  • TouchDown RC2T damper features unreal sensitivity (or suppleness) off the top, remains stable and supportive through mid-travel, and has added adjustable hydraulic bottom out to resist any harsh hits.
  • Position sensitive damper offers reliable performance and tunability with unreal sensitivity and response at every position throughout the travel.
  • 20 clicks of rebound adjustment, independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustment, and an easy to adjust threshold lever for added pedaling efficiency.
  • Reduced High-Speed Compression eliminates the hang-up and allows the wheel to easily get out of the way on hard impacts.
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out offers a convenient dial with five different compression settings
Damping RC2T Adj. Hydraulic Bottom Out
Damping Adjustments External rebound, 2position (open/firm), HS&LS compression, Hydraulic Bottom Out
Primary Color Black
Spring Adjustments Air pressure, Bottomless tokens
Spring Type Vivid


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