SKS Germany

B65 Bluemels Style 27.5-29"

Title: B65 Bluemels Style, Fender, 26''/27.5''/29'', 57mm, Black, Set
  • The Bluemels STYLE Bicycle Fender Set - 27.5-29'' Wheels feature a sleek, squared fender profile design providing a modern twist to classic full fender coverage that looks amazing on your bike. Stay Dry in STYLE!
  • Made in Germany
  • Front Fender Length: 960mm, Rear Fender Length: 1300mm
  • Flexible spoilers are included with the fenders to achieve even more fender length and extra splash coverage
  • Black Mounting Hardware
  • All Fender sets come complete with mounting hardware and instructions
  • Mounting eyelets or frame/fork mounting clamps are required for installation
Fender Mount Type On frame
Material Plastic
Primary Color Black
Wheel-Tire Size Comp. 26''/27.5''/29''


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